Murray, R: Reiki -- 2nd Level Attunement NTSC DVD

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191x137x15 mm

Thousands of people throughout the world have successfully received Reiki Attunements from Steve Murray's videos and are now Healers. Now all three Reiki Levels are available on DVD. Take the Reiki 2nd Level Attunement and you will become a Reiki 2nd Level Healer. You will instantly be attuned to the three Reiki symbols, the Power, Long Distance, Mental/Emotional and will able to start using them right away. The attunement and the three Reiki symbols, will enhance your healing abilities and expand your spiritual and personal growth. During the attunement, universal and metaphysical laws are invoked, including the Hermetic Law of Similarity. Tibetan, Usui and Karuna Reiki are used, plus long distance healing symbols, which all transcend time and space. No belief system is required to take the attunement. It will last for life and can be taken many times for reinforcement. Included on DVD: Preparation and practice for the Reiki 2nd Level Attunement; Reiki 2nd Level Attunement on the Pacific Ocean. Performed by Reiki Master, Steve Murray; You will also learn: Three sacred Reiki Symbols; How to draw each symbol; How to activate each symbol; How to use each symbol; How to do long distance healing in the past, present and future; How Steve Murray personally activates and uses the symbols; What to expect during and after the attunement.

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