The German and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania: A Study of the So-Called Pennsylvania Dutch

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Oscar Kuhns
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In 1901, Oscar Kuhns completed and published his work on the so-called "Pennsylvania Dutch," which documents their history, immigration, and lifestyle up to the Revolutionary War and beyond. This scholarly classic is considered an authoritative reference for these settlers during this period of American history, and is cited in the Harvard Guide to American History. For any researcher focusing on Pennsylvania or this group of emigrants, this book is an invaluable resource. In 268 pages, Professor Kunhs defines and describes the historical context in Europe leading up to the early Swiss German immigration, the settling of the German Counties of Pennstlvania, their manners and customs, language, literature, education, superstitions and religious life. The author devotes an entire chapter discussing the emigrants' attitudes and contributions in the development of Pennsylvania in particular, and the United States in general, as well as political and military participation at both the state and national level. Professor Kuhns' scholarly effort has resulted in a book that has been used for over 100 years as a primary research source for the "Pennsylvania Dutch." Using many of the tools of his profession, the book contains numerous footnotes, an extensive bibliography, an index, as well as an appendix, which is an excellent guide in acquiring knowledge of German family names, their source, development, and English equivalents during the colonial period.

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