The Wisdom of Emotional Healing

Renowned Psychics Andrew Jackson Davis and Phineas P. Quimby Reveal Mind Body Healing Secrets for Clairvoyants, Spiritualists, and Energy Healers
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Delve into the guidance offered by two of history's greatest spiritual teachers, Andrew Jackson Davis and Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, both master healers who obtained and taught the path to enlightenment. Wisdom empowered them to heal all manner of disease and to claim unsurpassed understanding of philosophy, science, and God.

These hand-selected quotes, gleaned by Jamie L. Saloff from volumes of their nineteenth-century writings, reveal their instruction and cryptic clues. Savor each passage as you embark on a meditative journey designed to open your heart and mind to Wisdom.
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"History seems to have all but forgotten Andrew Jackson Davis and Phineas Quimby, two giants of nineteenth-century spiritual philosophy and holistic healing. Their work was foundational to late-twentieth-century "New Age" teachings, and yet few have ever read or heard of them. In this beautiful volume, Jamie Saloff has selected inspirational and thought-provoking treasures from their works and organized them in a way that both challenges and inspires the reader to personally examine what health and healing mean, physically and spiritually. I have studied Davis for over thirty years, and I find this book to be a wonderful source for some of his most seminal and inspirational thoughts." ~ Tom Cratsley, Associate Director, Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Lily Dale, NY
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"Jamie Saloff has created an inspiring compendium of wisdom by some of the nineteenth century's most profound spiritual thinkers and teachers. The thought-provoking guidance offered in this book is food for the soul and practical knowledge for our daily lives." ~ Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Director, Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Lily Dale, NY

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