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220x139x4 mm

Poetry. AIR PRESSURE, David Fujino's first full-length collection of poetry, is a book composed by eye. Rather than grouping poems by defining themes, chapters or sections, Fujino's poems are deployed as elements in a continuous visual sequence, an ordering which itself lends meaning to the variable experiences that create the poem's contents. AIR PRESSURE occupies the space between what we think of as 'visual poetry' and 'text-based poetry, ' and while the poems were composed in the spirit of play and creative expression, strict attention has been paid to what a poem looks like beside another poem. As the reader's eye moves through these 'shape-changing' poems, s/he will absorb the matter of 'themes, chapters and sections.' In Fujino's own words, "in an age when poetry is dead, it's interesting that people keep writing it. Sometimes I believe poetry is forever. In AIR PRESSURE you will find a poetry written for the page and its potential.

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