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Right Stuff

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James M. Clash
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In The Right Stuff: Interviews with Icons of the 1970s and 1980s, journalist, Explorers Club fellow and author James M. Clash has compiled 19 of his rare interviews with the scientists, athletes and explorers of the '70s and '80s who expanded our conception of the limits of mankind. Come and take a look back with us at this incredible era through interviews with the likes of astronaut Alan Bean, F1 driver Sir Jackie Stewart, the late Joe Frazier, Mario Andretti and many more."e;The 1960s, when I did my 102,800-ft. parachute jump, was a time of big change. But what many don't remember is that in the '70s, much of that technological development came to fruition. Eight of the twelve astronauts who walked on the moon did so in the 1970s. Jim Clash's book captures the spirit of that time period with insightful interviews of the big players."e;- Joe Kittinger, author of Come Up and Get Me"e;As a child of the '70s, I was inspired by many of the icons Jim Clash interviews in this book. The insights presented here into their pioneering efforts, feelings about their successes and failures and humility (or arrogance) along the way are fascinating to read. This book will surely make a welcome addition to the library of any explorer, history buff or adrenaline junkie."e;- Josh Bernstein, Explorer & Educator"e;When treating Beck Weathers [Into Thin Air] for frostbite on Everest, I came across a number of explorers in dicey situations. In his new book, Jim Clash captures the essence of such risk directly from the mouths of those who do it regularly - climbers, astronauts, boxers. No wannabes here. I recommend this gem to all my climber friends, especially the part about Dick Bass and Seven Summits."e;- Dr. Ken Kamler, author of Surviving the Extremes

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