Sho K: Holy Moly Hiccoughs & Enigmatic Knotty Eructations

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228x179x38 mm

Full of humour and hidden truths about life's incessant surprises, this book appears to be the first, albeit mayhaps, a yet awkward attempt at the creation of an authentically occidental approach to koan lore. Nevertheless, it does offer a rather non-rational approach to life, and does present a paradoxical perspective to an altogether sometimes, too apparent reality.
First Hatchings; Second Hatchings; Stop! Do not Applause; Pristine Philosophical Apperceptions; Baba Brain-Teasers; The Thunderclap Rising of the Golden Flower; Free Energy is Where It's At; Breaking Bread with the Buddha; Cast Rice Upon the Waters; The Neigh of Truth; Plastered Wallflower, Meditating; Baba Brain-Teasers II; Quintessence of Creation; Glossary.

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