Forty Plus Thirty - The Road to Healthy Aging: How to Keep Young, Stay Healthy & Live Longer

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Mike Stapenhurst
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The Road To Healthy Aging...If you're looking to improve your lifestyle, get in shape and slow down aging this book will help! Learn from someone who is proof that making small changes now can pay off big-time when it comes to maintaining your health and fitness as you get older. The title 'Forty plus Thirty' refers to the age when the author first started to make lifestyle changes and is now enjoying the benefits more than thirty years later. He is still in excellent health, very active, and takes no medications. The book shows the reader how they can greatly increase their own chances of leading an active and healthy life right into their eighties. Wellness Improvement By examining all the main factors affecting our wellness - diet & nutrition, fitness & exercise, stress levels, brain health and genetic factors - the author identifies some of the main causes of age-related health issues once we reach sixty and over, and what we can do about it. But the book goes beyond the typical diet and exercise recommendations. It focuses on why people aren't doing enough to stay healthy, and what they need to do to improve this situation. It discusses the motivational side of making lifestyle changes, and describes the habit-forming process. Based on his own experience Mike Stapenhurst shows the reader a hands-on practical approach to start making changes in their daily lives. The impact of your genes on your wellness is also discussed in detail. Your genetic makeup may not be the main factor that determines your level of health and longevity.Take The Wellness TestA key feature of the book is a comprehensive 92-question Wellness Self-Assessment that enables the reader to check their own wellness level. If you're really serious about improving your health and fitness, be proactive - get the book and: 'Don't wait until you're sick to start getting healthy'

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