Beyond Survival, a Guide for Business Owners and Their Families

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Leon A. Danco
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As a successful business owner, you realize that financial success is just the still have many other challenges to face. However, the real threat to the continued success and growth of your business doesn't come from ruthless competitors, spiraling costs, oppressive government regulations, militant unions or runaway inflation. The main threat lies in the managerial practices and policies that you - like too many other business owners - have chosen to follow since the day you started business.Over the years, age and success have become your partners and they demand from you a set of solutions and approaches that are totally different from what you had to use to survive in the "good ol' days." You had the dream, the ability, and the guts to build your business from virtual scratch, but now you must also have the guts to accept the fact that the perpetuation of your business is in your hands and is your responsibility.You've been running so fast and working so hard that it's been difficult for you to take an objective look at what you are doing - or failing to do - to ensure the survival, growth and profitable continuity of your business. Time is your most precious asset, but you only have a finite amount of it. You must begin by making some changes now, while there is still time to make them.In this book, Dr. Danco outlines his recommendations for ensuring the success, continuity, and perpetuation of the business you have built on your sweat, guts, and talent. As a teacher, consultant, and advisor for nearly four decades, to thousands of family-owned or privately-held businesses, he has made it his goal to force business owners to take critical looks at themselves, theiractions, their business, and their family - examinations that are absolutely necessary if their dream is to survive.The survival of your company is a vital ingredient in our North American way of life. It depends on your courage and your action.

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