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Stress-free Homeschooling: 31 Days to a Healthier Way of Thinking

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Laura Hum
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Homeschooling can be a joyful adventure of faith, or it can be a stressful experience. The difference depends not on the circumstances you are facing, but rather on whether or not you are thinking according to God's point of view. In "Stress-free Homeschooling: 31 Days to a Healthier Way of Thinking", there are 31 daily devotionals that will bring your thinking into line with God's thoughts, resulting in faith-rest, peace, and joy rather than anxiety and discouragement.It has been written specifically to encourage homeschooling mothers, but others have found it helpful as well.The author, Laura Hum, lives with her husband in Montreal, Quebec. They are the parents of four children, and they began their homeschooling journey in 1993. In this book, she shares the truths that the Lord has blessed her with while homeschooling her own children.

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