Sowerby, G: Driven Mind

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181x209x18 mm

Partying all night with a Giant and a Brain. Tying his delirious partner to his seat on a flight over the Iran-Iraq war. Trying to out-drive the clock in a race around the world. Escaping bandit bullets in Kenya. Talking his way through 37 armed checkpoints in three days in Colombia. Join Garry Sowerbys motoring mania in Driven Mind, stories of global travel and the unquenchable thirst for the road. Driven Mind is not just about driving the asphalt, gravel and dust roadways of the planet, but about the path that one man took, somewhat inadvertently, to adventure. With a dash of irreverence and a god bit of intrigue, Driven Mind doles out 50 tales that pack an invigorating escape from the everyday. Garry Sowerby, four-time world record holder for long-distance driving, columnist and global adventurer, has been road tripping the planet for the past 50 years. He has driven Around the Bloc in a Week to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. He smuggled a truckload of childrens books to Moscow schools and libraries. He has driven a displaced pelican thousands of kilometres back to its home after a hurricane blew it off-course. He has even put a car on top of Torontos CN Tower!

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