The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)

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Rav Michael Laitman
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The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) is the first in a series of texts that Rav Michael Laitman, Kabbalist and scientist, designed to introduce readers to the special language and terminology of the Kabbalah. Here, Rav Laitman reveals authentic Kabbalah in a manner that is both rational and mature. Readers are gradually led to an understanding of the logical design of the Universe and the life whose home it is. The Science of Kabbalah, a revolutionary work that is unmatched in its clarity, depth, and appeal to the intellect, will enable readers to approach the more technical works of Baal HaSulam (Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag), such as 'Talmud Eser Sefirot' and Zohar. Although scientists and philosophers will delight in its illumination, laymen will also enjoy the satisfying answers to the riddles of life that only authentic Kabbalah provides. Now, travel through the pages and prepare for an astonishing journey into the 'Upper Worlds'.
Recapitulation; The Preface to the Commentary of "The Sulam"; Album of Drawings; Sefer Ha-Ilan; Three Main Concepts in Kabbalah; Five Levels of Masach; The Five Partzufim of the World Adam Kadmon; The Weakening of the Masach for the Creation of the Partzuf; Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin, and Otiot; Rosh, Toch, Sof, and Dressing of the Partzufim on One Another; The Tzimtzum Bet: Called the Tzimtzum NHY de AK; The Place of the Four Worlds ABYA and the Parsa between Atzilut and BYA; The States of Katnut and Gadlut in the World of Nikudim; Raising of MAN and Gadlut of the World of Nikudim; The Nekudot: Holam, Shuruk, Hirik; Raising of MAN of Zat de Nikudim to Abba ve Ima; Breaking of the Vessels and Their Fall to the Worlds of the BYA; The World of Correction Born from Metzah of the World of AK; Five Partzufim of the World of Atzilut, MA and BON in each Partzuf; The Unchanging State and the Ascents of the Worlds of BYA; The Worlds of Beria, Yetzira and Assiya; The Ascents of the Worlds; The Division of Each Partzuf into Keter and the ABYA.

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