Life After Policing

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Two irrefutable facts: (1) Money alone will not guarantee retirement happiness, and (2) Although police officers share many elements of the retirement experience with others, some of their experiences, interests, viewpoints, and perceptions differ from those in other occupations. Based on these self-evident assumptions, Life After Policing is different. First, we went to the experts. Not to the self-proclaimed retirement experts, but to 400 retired police officers (your retirement mentors) who responded to our online survey by sharing their experiences, impressions and advice on retirement. This research is current, unique and exclusive to Life After Policing. Second, given that the key to retirement happiness is to replace satisfactions lost from work, this book includes a self-help workshop, based on more than twenty years experience, to ensure that satisfactions lost from police work will be replaced in retirement. In short, Life After Policing is the definitive guide to retirement from police work. Dr. Alan Roadburg is a leading authority on retirement lifestyle education. After six years as a tenured university professor teaching and conducting research in the Sociology of Retirement and Social Gerontology, he changed careers sixteen years ago and established The Second Career Program, specializing in career enhancement and retirement lifestyle workshops. He has conducted hundreds of lifestyle planning workshops for thousands of pre- and post-retirees. Dr. Roadburg's easy-to-read and practical book elevates retirement lifestyle education to a new standard.

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Autor: Alan Roadburg
ISBN-13 :: 9780973002744
ISBN: 0973002743
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2008
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Sprache: Englisch
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