Being: The Bottom Line

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'Spiritual' dialogues usually aim to guide the seeker towards enlightenment, towards escape from identification as a suffering individual. In Being: The Bottom Line, however, Nathan Gill points out that 'enlightenment' only appears significant from the viewpoint of 'me' - it's only the story of 'me' that requires enlightenment.
Your true nature is Being, and Being is already all that is (even when there is seeming ignorance of that), with no requirements whatsoever.
Autor: Nathan Gill
Born in 1960 into a working-class family in South-East England, Nathan Gill's early fascination with the mysteries of the body and the universe led him to experiment with diet and herbal treatments, and to push his body to the limit with weight-training and body-building. When a shoulder injury brought the weight-training to an end, his thoughts turned to spiritual and esoteric matters. His investigations led him to the teachings of Da Free John, whose message that we are already awake and need no liberation struck a strong chord, and eventually to Tony Parsons and the philosophy of non-duality.

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Autor: Nathan Gill
ISBN-13 :: 9780955176227
ISBN: 0955176220
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