What's Fair Got to Do with It: Diversity Cases from Environmental Educators

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Educators, non-formal educators, and community organizations will find these cases fascinating reading and a powerful tool for professional development. While the cases are grounded in the experiences of a diverse group of environmental educators, the questions and issues they raise apply to education in general and society as a whole. Each case is a candid, dramatic, and highly readable first-person account that makes concrete the challenges of fairness, expectations, respect, and communication when people who share goals, perhaps, but not cultures, interact. The ten cases arise from in-school and out-of-school settings and involve the real and perceived power relationships that cultural differences often throw into high relief. The casebook includes facilitator notes and commentary about each case. It is designed to promote rich discussion and thoughtful reflection and to develop principles of practice that users can apply to their own work or volunteer settings.

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Autor: Tania J. Madfes
ISBN-13 :: 9780914409205
ISBN: 0914409204
Verlag: WESTED
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Sprache: Englisch
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