Generating Creativity and Innovation in Large Bureaucracies

4, Ic2 Management and Management
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Essential reading for all concerned about the fate of large corporations and government bureaucracies in the 21st century.
Orientation and Overview, Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Part 1 Creativity and Innovative Management - Background and Setting: The Growth and Internationalisation of Creative and Innovative Management, George Kozmetsky. Part 2 Dynamic Change in Diverse Political and Economic Environments: The American Administrative Style - A Costly Inheritance, Walt W. Rostow; Plan for Transition to a Market Economy in the Soviet Union, Gennedy Filshin; Hungarian Transformation - Challenge for Innovation, Janos Vecseny; China's Reform, Dyong Kong; Management of Change in a Large Japanese Monopoly, Hidesada Toriyama; Comments on Dynamic Change in Diverse Political and Economic Environments, Dennis Schorr. Part 3 Restructuring Large-Scale Bureaucracies for Creativity and Innovation: Creativity and Innovation in Large Organisations, Paul A. Schumann Jr; How to Make Entrepreneurship Work in Established Companies, Eric G. Glamholtz and Yvonne Randie; Reassessing Human Resources in Large-Scale Bureaucracies, Helen M. Moye; Innovation in Large NASA R&D Programmes, Humboldt C. Mandell Jr; Introducing Creativity in Educational Bureaucracies, Arie Y. Lewin; Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Services, Bertram S. Brown et al; Sustaining Excellence in the 21st Century - A Vision and Strategies for the University of California's Administration, Richard Katz; Strategic Alliances for Japanese Mid-Sized Firms, Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Part 4 New Technologies for Inducing and Measuring Creative and Innovative Management: Generating Creativity and Innovation - A Marketing Perspective, Jerry Wind; A Managerial Tool for Diagnosing Structural Readiness for Breakthrough Innovations in Large Bureaucracies (Technocracies), Gerhard O. Mensch; Forecasting Manpower Supply and Demand at Different Stages of Industrial Development, Arnold Reisman; Identifying the Scope for Creative and Innovative Management in Large Bureaucracies, Timothy W. Ruefli; Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems - Potential and Problems for Large-scale Bureaucracies, Ronald M. Lee; A Survey of Needs for Human-Friendly Fuzzy Systems, Akira Ishikawa; Discovery Engineering and Negotiating Organisational Change, Julian Gresser; Leadership for Creativity in Organisations, Nirmal K. Sethia. Part 5 A Personal Summary.
Creative and innovative management is seen as critical to the survival of large bureaucracies, whether they are part of the public or private sectors. Contributors examine the forces and factors that enhance or inhibit management. Examples come from the US, Japan, Eastern Europe and China.

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Autor: Robert Lawrence Kuhn
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