Human Resource Development in Changing Organizations

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Describes organizations changing to meet the economic needs imposed by an uncertain business climate, and provides human resource managers with ways to assess changes to adapt.
Toward a Developmental Value System; Organisation Change; Employee Motivation; New Managerial Roles; Organisation Transformations; Human Performance Systems; Upward and Peer Feedback; Principles for Designing Career Development Programs; Managing a Diverse Workforce; Organisation Structures and Initiatives; Organisation Diagnosis and Strategies for change; Performance Management; The Human Resource Department's Role; Conclusion - Planning for Continuous Learning; Sample Upward Feedback Survey and Report; Actions for Designing a Career Development Programme; A Sample of Vocational Research on Gender, Race, and Older Workers; Development Programs That Support Organisational Strategy; Managing Change - A Two-Day Management Development Workshop.
Enhancing a corporation's chance for survival and growth in economically turbulent times is as much the responsibility of human resource management as it is for management in other sectors of the organization. London and Wueste show how the HR professional can participate in this effort by developing close working relationships with other corporate executives, and thus assure that when management decisions are made elsewhere, the human resource viewpoint will be understood and included. Intended for human resource professionals and their management colleagues in other fields, the book will also help orient academicians and students to changes in the way HR should be "done," not only now but also in the foreseeable future, and provide them with practical, usable tools for doing so.

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