Global Perspectives on Advertising Self-Regulation: Principles and Practices in Thirty-Eight Countries

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One way to ensure that ads are truthful, accurate, and wholesome is to rely on industry self-regulation. This book analyzes self-regulation and shows how advertisers around the world set up standards of good advertising practice and enforce them.
Part 1 The Case for Advertising Self-Regulation: the Case for Advertising; What is Self-Regulation?; the Pros and Cons of Self-Regulation Works; Outside Involvement in Advertising Self-Regulation; how Goverments Work with Self-Regulation; Does Self-Regulation do Enough?; International Advertising Self-Regulation; the IAA's Role in Promoting Advertising Self-Regulation. Part 2 IAA Survey Findings: Highlights of the 1986 IAA Survey; Highlights of the 1988-89 IAA Survey; Country Profiles.
This global study of advertising self-regulation explores the spread of this social-control institution through a discussion of its relative strengths and weaknesses, a reporting of several surveys conducted by the author, and 38 country profiles.

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Autor: Jean J. Boddewyn
ISBN-13 :: 9780899307237
ISBN: 089930723X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.1992
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