Corporate Responses to Environmental Challenges: Initiatives by Multinational Management

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This book provides practical information on how multinational companies approach the difficult task of responding to environmental pressures. The material is based on extensive interviews conducted in U.S.-based companies, and examinations of production facilities in developed and developing countries.
Multinational Corporations - Impacts and Challenges; Case Study Protocol and Survey Method; Policies and Structures; Management Challenges in Chemicals and Instruments; Environment, Health and Safety Programme Components; Environment, Health and Safety Programmes in Case Companies - Oil and Gas, Household Products, Pulp and Paper; International Challenges - Standards for EHS; Brazil and Mexico - Foreign Operations of Oil and Gas and Household Products; What Drives a Good Programme?; Multinationals and the Environment - the Challenges of Sustainable Development.
Drawing detailed examples from major multinational companies, this book aims to provide practical insight into how companies approach the difficult task of responding to an increasing variety of environmental challenges.

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