Value and Strategy: Competing Successfully in the Nineties

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Shenkman offers a management strategy consistent with contemporary market demands and opportunities. He establishes the need for managers to develop a deep and on-going awareness of customers' perceptions, convictions, desires, and actions and to build a relationship based thereon.
The search for strategy; The concept of value; Value as experience and decision; The transaction; Strategy and creating value; Turnover and the new world of business; Creating the market; Position, profit and strategy; The business; The holographic organization; Classical organizational strategies; Value-based organizational strategy; Capital and management in value-based organizational strategy; Production and the value relationship; Producing for value; Value-relationships at work; Management and the value relationship.
Shenkman stresses the need for a vital response to markets and urges decision makers to meet their objectives through a basic but essential commitment to quality. He aims to provide a logical and effective management strategy based on the imperative of integral, productive relationships.

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Autor: Michael H. Shenkman
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ISBN: 0899306756
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