Computer-Aided Judicial Analysis: Predicting, Prescribing, and Administering

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In the context of judicial analysis, decision-aiding software can help predict the outcome of cases, can prescribe what decisions should be reached in the light of goals to be achieved and available alternatives, and it can facilitate the administration of court cases and minimize delays and unnecessary effort and expense.
Part 1 An Overview of the Subject: Computer-aided Judicial Decicion-making; Decision-aiding Software and the Law. Part 2 Rule-applying and Fact-finding: Judicial Prediction from Cases; Judicial Prediction from Facts. Part 3 Improving the Effectiveness and Equity of the Judicial Process: Decision-aiding Software and Criminal-civil Procedure; Deciding How to Provide Representation for the Poor; Computer-aided Mediation; Superoptimum Solutions to Procedural Controversies; Judicial Assignment; Delay Reduction Concepts; Delay Reduction Methods; Optimum Sequencing of Cases.
Provides an overview of computer-aided analysis and the role of decision-aiding software in the legal process. Nagel deals with judicial prediction from prior cases and from present facts; and he emphasizes the prescribing role of judges, and covers computer-aided mediation.

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Autor: Stuart S. Nagel
ISBN-13 :: 9780899306704
ISBN: 0899306705
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.1992
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Sprache: Englisch
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