The Great 50 Days: The Daily Office from Easter to Pentecost

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Like its companion volume, 40 Days, this book is an accessible, doable, toe-in-the-water introduction to the private recitation of the Daily Office. It contains Rite Two Morning and Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer, the Psalter as prescribed and edited for each day from Easter morning through the Day of Pentecost, the collects, and all Bible readings (New Revised Standard Version) for the two-year lectionary cycle. The Prayer Book services of Order for Noonday and Compline (close of day) are included for readers who find those times more suitable for praying an office. Readings, prayers, and psalms are included for the major holy days that often fall in Easter season, including the Annunciation (March 25) and St. Mark (April 25). The book's low price point and all-in-one-volume format make it ideal for parish reading and prayer groups.

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Autor: Frank L. Tedeschi
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