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Your Guide to Investing in the Age of Uncertainty
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Andrew Packer
Humanix Books
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Tired of investing the "right way” only to see years of gains evaporate inmere months? Worried about the potential danger in the stock market
right now? Concerned that stubborn politicians or central bankers in
Washington will do something boneheaded to derail your retirement?

It's time to seize your financial destiny.

In his new book, Moneynews Financial Editor Andrew Packer, author
of the runaway bestseller Aftershock's High Income Guide, explores the
potential economic future likely caused by today's sky-high
government deficits and central bank easing policies. He brings
timeless investment wisdom and applies it to today's markets.
That future is unknown, and could even be ugly for investors. But in
Uncharted, Packer reveals:

Why most people are their own worst enemies when it comes to buying and selling stocks
How to find winning investments in oversold markets
A simple step-by-step guide to analyzing investment opportunities
The assets you'll need to thrive over the next few years, and why you'll need them
The dangers posed by Wall Street and Uncle Sam - and how to beat both at their own game

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