Die Frauen Der Prasidenten

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John M. Berecz
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Having just completed a careful study of nearly a dozen different sexual styles, (Sexual Styles: A Guide to Understanding Your Lover's Personality, Humanics, 1998), John Berecz now applies this same analysis to the sexual lives of the last ten American Presidents; not from the viewpoint of an historian or tabloid journalist but as a clinical psychologist.From the silhouette of our personality style emerges our sexual style; through careful analysis of the personality styles and especially in their relationships with women, All The Presidents' Women probes the past and present inhabitants of the world's most powerful office - with surprising results.From President Truman through Bill Clinton, Berecz provides a fascinating investigation into the lives, loves and motivations of these influential men. With depth and clarity, All The Presidents' Women presents answers to questions such as: Did Bess Truman henpeck her husband Harry? Was Jack Kennedy a wildly promiscuous playboy, or did he just have a great capacity to love lots of women? Was Lyndon Johnson indeed crude, or was he putting on a "wild-west" sideshow? Did Nixon's paranoia extend beyond the press corps and other politicians and was he suspicious of everyone? All the Presidents' Women will engender new understanding of our presidents' personalities, their sexual styles and the women they have loved.

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