Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province: Exploring Ancient and Enduring Uses

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A Region of Enormous Natural Diversity; The Ancestral Puebloans; Contact, Colonisation and Catastrophe; Modern Descendants; Indicator Plants as Living Artefacts; Plants and Plantcraft; Ethnobotany in New Mexico; Recent Modification to the Landscape; Other Places to Visit; Annotated List of Useful Plants; Index.
Plant biologist and former National Park Service ecologist William W. Dunmire and ethnobotanist Gail D. Tierney incorporate exhaustive research, including interviews with Indian elders, in two popular guidebooks that combine information on native and ancient traditional uses of wild plants with contemporary uses. Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province covers the pueblo villages of the Rio Grande valley, while their second book, Wild Plants of the Four Corners includes Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Canyon de Chelly.
Autor: William W. Dunmire, Gail D. Tierney
William W Dunmire and Gail D Tierney

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Autor: William W. Dunmire
ISBN-13 :: 9780890132722
ISBN: 0890132720
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.1995
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Sprache: Englisch
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