RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

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Introduction. Linear Power Amplifier Design. Conventional High-Efficiency Amplifier Modes. Matching Network Design for Reduced Conduction Angle High-Efficiency Amplifiers. Overdrive and Limiting Effects in RF Power Amplifiers. Switching Mode Amplifiers for RF Applications. Nonlinear Effects in RF Power Amplifiers. Efficiency Enhancement Techniques. Power Amplifier Linearization Techniques. Power Amplifier Architecture.
Readers can learn how to tackle a power amplifier (PA) design with confidence and save time in determining the cause of malfunctioning hardware with this guide to the theory and practice of RF and PA design for modern communications systems. This pioneering resource contains the most complete survey of RF PA efficiency enhancement and linearization techniques in a single volume. 190 illus.
Autor: Steve C. Cripps
Steve C. Cripps is an independent RF and microwave consultant and a member of the IEEE. He received his Ph.D. in microwave electronics from Cambridge University, England.

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Autor: Steve C. Cripps
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