The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook

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Microwave Circuits and Circuit Elements. Solid-State Devices. Diode Mixers. Diode Frequency Multipliers. Other Diode Applications. Active Mixers. FET Resistive Mixers. Active Frequency Multipliers.
This practical book for microwave and RF engineers presents time-saving circuit design "recipes", without theory. The book reveals practical, test methods for designing and implementing a wide range of nonlinear RF and microwave circuits, including all types of mixers, frequency multipliers, and more. A special feature is a complete treatment of FET resistive mixers, which offer the lowest intermodulation distortion of all types of mixers.
Autor: Stephen A. Maas
Stephen Maas is president of Nonlinear Technologies, Inc., California, a high-tech consulting company specializing in the design and analysis of nonlinear and low-noise RF/microwave components and systems. He earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UCLA.

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Autor: Stephen A. Maas
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