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The Changing Scene - Again. GSM 9000 and DCS 1800/1900 All Over the World - Today's Status - Competing Systems - A Look Over the Fence - GSM Telecommunications Services - Short Message Service - Supplementary Services - The SIM - New Phase 2+ Functionality - Roaming and Call Routing - Introduction to GSM Technology and Implementation.
This comprehensive reference provides a close-up look at this hot technology, offers in-depth discussions on the features and services available through GSM, and includes new and more in-depth coverage of the applications and implementation of the GSM standard. It uses non-technical language and unique technical implementation and performance figures to show how intelligent mobile networks function, and what benefits they provide to users.
Autor: Siegmund Redl, Matthias Weber, Malcolm W. Oliphant
Siegmund Redl is Technical Marketing Manager, Wireless at LSI Logic Corporation, Germany - Matthias Weber is Manager, Product Planning at Sony International (Europe) GmbH, Germany - Malcolm Oliphant currently works for IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, Kansas, USA. They are the authors of the bestselling An Introduction to GSM (Artech House, 1995).

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Autor: Siegmund Redl
ISBN-13 :: 9780890069578
ISBN: 0890069573
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