Smart Card Security and Applications

Artech House Telecommunication
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Problem definition; specifying the requirements; card technology; encryption; passwords and biometrics; smart card types and characteristics; chip card components; system components; processes and procedures; telephony and telecommunications; financial; health; transport; user identification; multi-application cards; current trends and issues; security model; the way forward.
Smart cards have recently emerged as a key computer network and Internet security technology. These plastic cards contain an embedded microprocessor, allowing them to be programmed to perform specific duties. This extensively updated, second edition of the popular Artech House book, Smart Card Security and Applications, offers a current overview of the ways smart cards address the computer security issues of today's varied applications. Brand new discussions on multi-application operating systems, computer networks, and the Internet are included to keep technical and business professionals abreast of the very latest developments in this field. The book provides technical details on the newest protection mechanisms, features a discussion on the effects of recent attacks, and presents a clear methodology for solving unique security problems.

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Autor: Mike Hendry
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ISBN: 0890069530
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