Access Networks Technology and V5 Interfacing

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Introduction: Background. Structure of the Book. Advanced Copper Pair Technology: Background. Basic Digital Transmission. Pair Gain Systems. HDSL. ADSL and VDSL. Optical Fiber Technology: Background. Optical and Optoelectronic Components. Fiber Architectures. Duplexing and Multiplexing. Upgrading to Broadband. Common Fallacies. Advanced Optical Technology: Optical Amplifiers. Coherent Optical Systems. Distributed Switching and Optical Ether. The Limits to Optical Transmission. Soliton Techniques. Quantum Cryptography. Radio Access Technology: Recent Developments in Radio Systems. Cellular and Cordless Technology. Applications of Radio Technology in Access Networks. The Adoption of Radio Technology in the Access Network. The Powering of Access Networks: The Traditional Balance. Problems for New Technologies. Battery Backup. Remote Feeding. Local Powering. Alternatives to Battery Backup. ATM in the Access Network: An Overview of ATM. ATM on an Optical Access Network. Protocols for Multipoint ATM Operation. General Problems and Misconceptions. Deployment of ATM Access Networks. Services Supported by Access Networks: Simple Video Services. More Sophisticated Services. Teleaction Services. Social and Psychological Factors. V5 Interfaces and Architecture: The V5 Access Model. Services and User Ports. V5 Links and Timeslot Structure. Bearer Timeslots and V5 Traffic Capability. V5 Multiplexing and Message Formats: Physical Multiplexing. Frame and Message Level Multiplexing. Frame Layer Envelopes. Layer 3 Message Formats. Conventions Used for Identifying Messages. General Observations. ISDN Signaling and Multiplexing: The Frame-Relay Concept. The Debate Over ISDN Multiplexing. V5 Layer 2 Multiplexing for ISDN. ISDN Communication Paths and Channels. The Control Protocol: The Format of Control Messages. Port Control Messages. Common Control Messages. Concluding Remarks. The PSTN Protocol: The PSTN Problem. Basic Call Control Requirements. PSTN Stimuli and Information Elements. Call Control Messages. Example of the Use of the PSTN Protocol. The Bearer Channel Connection Protocol: Allocation, Concentration, and Reliability. Requirements for the BCC Protocol. Bearer Channel Connection Messages. The Link Control Protocol: Control of a Multi-Link Interface. Link Integrity Checking. Link Blocking and Unblocking. V5.2 Link Control Messages. Other Interfaces. The Protection Protocol: The Purpose of the Protection Protocol. Fundamentals of V5.2 Protection Switching. V5.2 Protection Protocol Messages. Generalization to Other Interfaces. The VB5 Interface. Concluding Remarks. Acronym List
Without relying on mathematics, Access Networks: Technology and V5 Interfacing is the first book to present a unified view of network access technology and specifically V5, the global interface standard.
Autor: Alex Gillespie
Alex Gillespie has a masters degree from Cambridge University, a doctorate from Durham University, and a first class honors degree from St. Andrews, Scotland. Since 1988 he has been at BT Laboratories at Martlesham Heath and in this time he has been editor of several telecommunications standards. He is chairman of the ETSI SPS3 Working Party on Management and a member of the ECTM group established at the request of the European Commission to coordinate telecommunication management standards in Europe. His e-mail address is

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Autor: Alex Gillespie
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