A Covenant of Salt

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This novel explores the snares of individual and collective memory as they are used to justify and preserve ancestral grudges.
Autor: Martine Desjardins
ワbersetzung von: David Homel, Fred A. Reed
Martine Desjardins Born in the Town of Mount Royal in Quebec, Martine Desjardins worked as an assistant editor-in-chief at ELLE Quebec magazine for four years before leaving to devote herself to writing. Presently she works as a free-lance rewriter, translator and journalist for L'actualite, an award-winning French-language current affairs magazine in Canada. Her first novel, Le cercle de Clara was published by Lemeac in 1997, and was nominated for both the Prix litteraires du Quebec and the Grand prix des lectrices Elle Quebec in 1998. It has been published by Talonbooks in English as Fairy Ring. Fred A. Reed International journalist and award-winning literary translator Fred A. Reed is also a respected specialist on politics and religion in the Middle East. After several years as a librarian and trade union activist at the Montreal Gazette, Reed began reporting from Islamic Iran in 1984, visiting the Islamic Republic thirty times since then. He has also reported extensively on Middle Eastern affairs for La Presse, CBC Radio-Canada and Le Devoir. Reed is a three-time winner of the Governor General's Award for translation. David Homel Award-winning author and literary translator David Homel also works as a journalist, editor and screenwriter. He was born in Chicago in 1952 but left at the end of the tumultuous 1960s and continued his education in Europe and Toronto before settling in Montreal in around 1980. He worked at a variety of industrial jobs before beginning to write fiction in the mid-1980s. His six novels to date have been translated into several languages and published around the world.

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Autor: Martine Desjardins
ISBN-13 :: 9780889225664
ISBN: 0889225664
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.10.2007
Verlag: Talon Books,Canada
Gewicht: 216g
Seiten: 160
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x139x11 mm
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