Survival Skills of Native Califofnia

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In The Most Comprehensive Work of Its Kind Today, Author Paul Campbell Reveals The Knowledge He Has Spent 20 Years Learning and Reproducing From California Natives. Included Are Sections On The Basic Skills of Survival, The Tools of Gathering and Food Preparation, The Implements of Household and Personal Necessity, As Well As The Arts of Hunting and Fishing. Sample Topics Include: * Shelter: A Continuum of Simplicity * Greens, Beans, Flowers and Other Vegetables * Meat Preparation * How To Make and Shoot An Indian Bow
Autor: Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell served in Vietnam as a marine captain. He returned to build and live in a log cabin on an island in the wilds of northern Minnesota, travel extensively, and author several books. A member of numerous environmental groups as well as the Society of Primitive Technology, Campbell now resides in southern California.

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Autor: Paul Campbell
ISBN-13 :: 9780879059217
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