Access to the Genome: The Challenge to Equality

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1. Introduction 2. The Human Genome Project 3. The Practical Applications of Human Genetic Technology 4. The Impact of Genetic Technologies 5. Access to Genetic Technologies 6. Genetic Technologies and the Challenge to Equality 7. Responding to the Challenge 8. Conclusion
Completion of the Human Genome Project will make possible a staggering array of new medical technologies, including new diagnostic and screening tests for inherited disorders, gene therapies, and the ability to manipulate a person's inherited, non-disease traits. Most of the attention given to the social implications of these technologies has focused on their potential to harm the individual, for example, by denying employment or insurance.
Autor: Maxwell J. Mehlman, Jeffrey R. Botkin
Maxwell J. Mehlman is the Arthur E. Petersilge Professor of Law and the director of the Law-Medicine Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Jeffrey R. Botkin is an associate professor of pediatrics and medical ethics at the University of Utah.

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Autor: Maxwell J. Mehlman
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