Love, Human and Divine: The Heart of Christian Ethics

Moral Traditions
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Should we love God? Responsible theologians have said no. Should we love our neighbor? All Christians say yes, but they dispute what it means to do so. Should we love ourselves? Some Christians say it is sinful to do so, while others say it is the basis of virtue. Does the love of God have anything to do with loving our neighbor? Some Christians deny there is any real connection, while others say the two are in practice identical. And what is love? Offhanded answers are many, but extensive investigations are few. These questions introduce the central issues of this book. I shall argue that the love of God must be the center of Christian life and theology.
Autor: Edward Collins Vacek, S. J. Edward Collins Vacek
Edward Collins Vacek, SJ, is professor of moral theology at the Weston School of Theology.

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Autor: Edward Collins Vacek
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