From Many, One: Readings in American Political and Social Thought

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Unique among readers in American political and social thought, From Many, One is a broad and balanced anthology that explores the problem of diversity and American political identity throughout American history. From the classic texts of the American political tradition to diverse minority writings, this book offers a wide spectrum of ideas about identity; gender, immigration, race, and religion, and it addresses how these issues relate to the concept of national unity. Features spans all of American history, from the Declaration of Independence to the present day; covers the gamut of viewpoints from majority to minority, from conservative to radical, from assimilationist to separatist. The authors range from the Founding Fathers to Frederick Jackson Turner; from Abigail Adams to bell hooks and Catharine MacKinnon; from Abraham Lincoln to Malcolm X; from Roger Williams to Ralph E Reed; provides introductory and concluding essays that set the context for each section and draw out the implications of the readings; and includes brief background information for each reading.

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Autor: Richard C. Sinopoli
ISBN-13 :: 9780878406265
ISBN: 0878406263
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.1997
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