Encyclopedia of Fluid Mechanics: Supplement 1: Applied Mathematics in Fluid Dynamics

Advances in Engineering Fluid
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On the nature of Navier-Stokes turbulence; mean velocity and shear stress in two-dimensional turbulent wakes; computation of separated and reattached turbulent boundary layers; development of the theory - computations of separated and reattached turbulent boundary layers, validation of the theory; a new stochastic particle dispersion modeling of the turbulent, particle-laden, round jet; optimal approach for the prediction of critical flow; characteristics of flow fields in liquid metal baths due to vertically injected gas jets - a numerical study; on some numerical methods for viscous compressible flow; grid generation techniques with applications to fluid dynamics; approximation of boundary value problems using finite elements; boundary conditions approximations and accuracy in channel flow analysis; techniques for free boundary problems; on a coupled system of hyperbolic equations arising in thermoelasticity; hyperbolic conservation laws; invariance properties of partial differential equations via infinitesimal transformation; one shooting method for BVPs in ordinary differential equations; some applications of hodograph transformations in fluid dynamics; some applications of self- and non-self adjoint eigenspaces and simplicity of eigenvalues to problems in chemical engineering - a pedagogical treatment; integrability and painleve analysis; order and disorder in non-linear dynamical systems; tensor analysis.
This supplement to the comprehensive series "Encyclopedia of Fluid Mechanics" steps back from the topical approach to fluid mechanics, and embraces the overall subject from an entirely mathematical viewpoint. It addresses the mathematical details of model formation and development.
Autor: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Ph.D. (Ch.E.) is Director of Clean Technologies and Pollution Prevention Projects at PERI (Princeton Energy Resources International, LLC, Rockville, MD). He has led hundreds of pollution prevention audits and demonstrations; training programs on modern process design practices and plant safety; environmental management and product quality programs; and site assessments and remediation plans for both public and private sector clients throughout the world. He frequently serves as expert witness on personal injury and third-party property damage litigations arising from environmental catastrophes. Dr. Cheremisinoff has contributed extensively to the literature of environmental and chemical engineering as author, co-author, or editor of 150 technical reference books, including Butterworth-Heinemann's Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment, and Green Profits. He holds advanced degrees in chemical engineering from Clarkson College of Technology."

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Autor: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
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