Learning to Argue in Higher Education

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Richard Andrews
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Learning to Argue in Higher Education was written to allow for a cross-fertilization of ideas about argument between different disciplines and traditions, and to encourage conversation about their approaches to its teaching and learning.
Introduction - Learning to Argue in Higher Education, R. Andrews; Innocent Concepts? a Paradigmatic Approach to Argument, A. Eisenschitz; Rhetoric and Architecture, P. Medway; Blinded by the Enlightenment - Epistemological Constraints and Pedagogical Restraints in the Pursuit of "Critical" Thinking, D. Sweet and D. Swanson; Improving Argument by Parts, M. Riddle; A Workable Balance - Self and Sources in Argumentative Writing, N. Groom; "I Don't Have to Argue My Design - the Visual Speaks for Itself" - a Case Study of Mediated Activity in an Introductory Mechanical Engineering Course, M. Mathison; "Context Cues Cognition" - Writing, Rhetoric and Legal Argumentation, P. Maharg; Eager Interpreters - Student Writers and the Art of Writing Research, C. Woods; Citation as an Argumentation Strategy in the Reflective Writing of Work-Based Learning Students, C. Costley and K. Doncaster; Teaching Writing Theory as Liberatory Practice - Helping Students Chart the Dangerous Waters of Academic Discourse Across Disciplines in Higher Education, C. Davidson; "Argument" as a Term in Talk About Student Writing, J. Giltrow; Putting Argument into the Mainstream, S. Mitchell.

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