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Dr. Kreissig has spent a lifetime refining and teaching the minimalize d approach to repairing retinal detachments. Get the benefit of her ex perience in an easily accessible, pocket-sized handbook that fits into your lab coat and is also ideal for bedside or office consultation. V olume 2 describes the "art of a minimal approach" by using the balloon or the gases or as reoperation, as treatment for various retinal deta chments. The text is excellently illustrated, written in an easy-to-un derstand fashion and in a dialogue style. Important facts are highligh ted in red boxes. The four rules to find the break in a reoperation ar e depicted on the back cover, thus easy to be looked up. The reader is taken step-by-step through each procedure for easy and more complex d etachments. In separate chapters, extraocular and intraocular techniqu es for retinal reattachment are compared to reoperation.

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