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In this book the best surgical solutions for conductive hearing loss d ue to ossicular fixations are thoroughly described and discussed. The first section covers thympanosclerosis, collating all knowledge on the pathogenesis and pathology of this obscure condition, as well as the surgical methods used in fixation of the ossicular chain, when caused by myringosclerosis and tympanosclerosis. The second section covers po stinflammatory, posttraumatic, and postoperative bony fixations of the ossicular chain. In the third section, the voluminous topic of otoscl erosis, in particular the evolution of stapes surgery, the various sta pedectomy and stapedotomy methods, and the complications of surgery fo r otosclerosis, are covered in great detail. This section also include s the problems that are encountered in otosclerosis surgery when the e ar has been affected with chronic otitis. In the fourth section, conge nital ossicular fixations and defects are covered along with some new aspects on the classification and embryology

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