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The strength of this text, based on comments from the first edition, i s that the reader, particularly the newcomer to orthopedic surgery, is able to find all of the basics of the subject in one text. This conce pt enables the reader to come to grips with subjects that have only be en touched upon in undergraduate teachings. The intent behind compili ng the book is to form a bridge, or more properly a "firm callus," bet ween the literature available for undergraduate students and those int ending to study bone in depth. Though many texts already exist for und ergraduates and also for students of advanced orthopedic surgery, few cover the bridge intended in this edition. It is hoped that the secon d edition will continue to set the stage for graduates undergoing trai ning in orthopedics, be they surgeons in the medical, dental or veteri nary field. All of the authors have an established reputation in the f ields that they have covered in the enclosed chapters. It is essential reading for the budding orthopedic surgeon.

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