Families, Physicians, and Children with Special Health Needs

Collaborative Medical Education Models
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Rosalyn Benjamin Darling
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Families of children with special health needs often cite difficulties in their communications with physicians and other medical professionals. This volume presents a variety of medical education approaches used to overcome this problem, including some useful medical education models.
A survey of approaches designed to improve family-medicial interactions.
Introduction: The Need to Teach the Family's Perspective to Physicians by Rosalyn Benjamin Darling; The Family's Perspective; Collaboration Defined Mathematically by Florene Stewart Poyadue; The Miracle of Michael by Sharon L. Spano; The Challenge of Communication with Parents by Stanley Klein; Models of Health Provider Education Preservice Models; A First Year Medical Student Curriculum about Family Views of Chronic and Disabling Conditions by Judy Lewis and Robert M. Greenstein; Parents as Educators of Medical Students by Nancy J. DiVenere; Graduate Medical Education in Paediatrics: Preparing Reliable Allies for Parents of Children with Special Health Care Needs by W. Carl Cooley; Continuing Education Models; Preparing Physicians through Continuing Medical Education by Margo I. Peter and Calvin C. J. Sia; Overcoming Obstacles to Early Intervention Referral: The Development of a Video-Based Training Model for Community Physicians by Rosalyn Benjamin Darling; What Do Physicians Want to Know?: A Statewide Survey Report of Physicians' Needs for Information about Early Intervention by Francine Gortler Scott and Corinne W. Garland; Directions in Medical Education and Family-Centered Care: Prospects for the Nineties and Beyond; Health Care for Children with Disabilities: A Contemporary View by Alfred Healy; Conclusion: Building on Existing Models to Expand Training Opportunities in the Future by Margo I. Peter and Rosalyn Benjamin Darling.

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