The Continuing Challenge of AIDS

Clergy Responses to Patients, Friends, and Families
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Robert E. Beckley
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As the AIDS crisis spread and gained momentum, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish clergy in the United States and the United Kingdom became involved in sometimes surprising ways. Using quantitative and qualitative data from the early 1990s and from follow-up interviews conducted later in the decade, the authors show that many clergy became involved in the pastoral care for and counseling of people stigmatized by AIDS, including gay and bisexual men, despite expressions of antipathy from their denominations. Sociological theories concerning clergy roles, social movements, social space, and social capital provide a framework for analyzing the initial findings and the data from subsequent interviews. The study concludes that this small but dedicated group of clergy who ministered to the needs of this suffering population were part of a social movement that addressed a community problem despite both obstacles and opposition.
Based on a 12-year study, this book examines the clerical response to the AIDS crisis.
The Churches and AIDS; American Clergy's Responses to People with AIDS: 1987-1991; American Clergy's Strategies for Pastoral Care for People with AIDS; British Clergy and People with AIDS: A Comparative Perspective; The Clergy's Continuing Involvement with People with AIDS and HIV-Positive Individuals Between 1993-1996; The Second Phase of Questionnaires: 1993-1996; The Clergy's Continuing Involvement with People with Aids and HIV-Positive Individuals Between 1993 and 1999: The Follow-Up Interviews; The Continuing Challenge of AIDS for the Churches and Clergy; Appendix A: Methodologies Used in the Study; Appendix B: Questionnaires and Interview Protocols.

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