Al-Yamama in the Early Islamic Era

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Abdullah Al-Askar
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Prologue - Definition; Introduction The Physical Setting - The Arabian Peninsula; The Division of Arabia; The Name of al-Yamama; The Boundaries of al-Yamama; The Wadis of al-Y amama; The Settlements of al-Yamama; Geographical and Ecological Patterns; Social Organization - The Tribes of al-Yamama; Relations Between the Tribes of al-Yamama; The Demographic Map; Economy - Preface; Production; Trade; Supra-Regional Politics - Preface; Stage One; Stage Two; Stage Three; Stage Four; Religion and Politics - Religions in al-Yamama before Islam; The Rahman of al-Yamama; The Relationship between al-Yamama and Mecca; The Relationship between al-Yamama and Medina; Musaylima's Movement; The Early Contact between Muhammad and the Banu Hanifa; Correspondence between Medina and al-Yamama; Musaylima as a Leader and Prophet of al-Yamama; The Delegation of al-Yamama; The Muslim Conquest: The Ridda; The War of al-Yamama; The Battle of 'Aqraba; The Peace Treaty; The Administration of al-Yamama - Preface; The Pre-Islamic Era; The Islamic Era; The Administrative Units of al-Yamama; Taxation in al-Yamama under the Muslims; Epilogue; Conclusion.
Al-Yamama, the ancient name of a region of the Arabian peninsula which is thought to have roughly coincided with today's administrative district of al-Riyadh, was from the 7th century until the end of the Umayyad caliphate the center of a diverse economy and thriving local culture. This fascinating book documents the little known historical geography and political development of al-Yamama in the pre-Islamic era, drawing together a wealth of information on its geography, ecology, population, settlement patterns, economy and history.

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