Sexual Encounters in the Middle East: The British, the French and the Arabs

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Derek Hopwood

Contents The background to prejudice The Middle East and European consciousness The Middle East and Empires French experiences Europeans and Middle Eastern institutions Western attitudes towards Middle Eastern men and women European patterns of behaviour Interconnections British lives and the Middle East Arabs in Europe
This book, now available in paperback, is a fascinating study of a hitherto neglected topic: the way in which British, French, and Arab men and women related to each other sexually, primarily during the 19th and 20th centuries. In examining sexual perceptions propagated in travel writing, paintings, and novels together with sexual experiences of individuals, the author argues that sexual attitudes have deeply influenced Euro-Arab relationships in the past and still do so today. Sexual attitudes and proclivities affected the ways in which people reacted to each other and, perhaps more controversially, influenced the course of history. Inherited sexual ideas colored everyday relations in the Middle East and the relationships of Arabs in Europe. The book also examines how modern Arab writers have treated Euro-Arab sexual relations in their many novels and short stories.

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