Antun Sa'adeh: The Man, His Thought: An Anthology

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Adel Beshara
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Nassif Nassar: 'Sa'adeh and the Concept of Regional Nationalism'; In'am Raad: 'Union in Life: Sa'adeh's Notion of the Socio-Economic Cycle'; Robert D. Sethian: 'Sa'adeh and Syrian Nationalism'; Adel Beshara: 'Sa'adeh and the Greater Syria Scheme'; Dennis Walker: 'Sa'adeh and the Recovery of Antiquity'; Edmond Melhem: 'Sa'adeh and Lebanon: An Historical Perspective'; Adel Daher: 'Some Distinguishing Aspects of Sa'adeh's Thought'; Rabee'h Debs: 'Secularism in Sa'adeh's Thought'; Adnan Amshi: 'Sa'adeh's Philosophical System'; Nasri al-Sayegh: 'Sa'adeh's Conception of Religion'; Rabee'a Abifadel: 'Sa'adeh: The Expatriate Critic and Man of Letters'; Mohamad Maatouk: 'Sa'adeh's Views on Literature and Literary Renovation'; Sofia Sa'adeh: 'Sa'adeh and National Democracy'; Moueen Haddad: 'Sa'adeh and Marxism'.
Antun Sa'adeh's life was a unique blend of dedicated perpetual struggle, righteous idealism, and theoretical pragmatism. A nationalist thinker who lived from 1904 to 1949, he was one of the major intellectual figures of modern Syria. He was not simply an outspoken figure on the political stage, but he attempted the revolutionary treatment of paramount social and economic ills. His well-known publications have had a broad influence on the politico-intellectual movement in Syria and throughout the Arab World. This book is a collection of scholarly articles by leading authorities on Antun Sa'adeh's thought. The book covers various aspects of his thought and not just his political views. It provides a synopsis of the work done hitherto in the field, discusses the important studies published over the past fifty years, including the most up-to-date work, and at the same time identifies the main problems that have arisen in Arabic as well as English secondary sources. Thus, it provides on the

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