Text and Context in Islamic Societies

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Irene A. Bierman

Text and Context: A Few Casual Remarks on the Topic - Josef van Ess; Texts and Contexts: Heroes of the Plague - Josef van Ess; Reflections on Research in the History of the Arab City during the Ottoman Period (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) or Jean Sauvaget Revisited - Andre Raymond; Borrowed Lives: The Reproduction of Texts in Islamic Cultures - R. Stephen Humphreys; From Inscriptions to Context: Some Islamic Astronomical Instruments and their Secrets - David A. King; The Contest over Context: Fatimid Cairo in the Twentieth Century - Paula Sanders; Compromised Contexts: Changing Ideas of Texts in the Islamic Tradition - Dale F. Eickelman
The Giorgio Levi Della Vida Conference celebrates outstanding scholars whose work has significantly advanced the study of Islamic civilization. This book is a collection of papers from the sixteenth conference which honored Andr Raymond and Josef van Ess. The theme of text and context is fully explored, using examples such as hadith and tarikh, the Arab or the Islamic city, medieval Islamic scientific instruments and modern media. The collection begins with an introduction to the various ways of looking at text, from hermeneutics to philology, and from historiography to social anthropology. It also contains a survey of the methodologies of modern Islamic studies. The importance of the text in Islamic culture is explored in close analysis of hadith; a survey of Arab historians; an account of the texts that can provide context for the historian of the Arab city; and an examination of the current contest over the conservation of Fatimid Cairo. The collection concludes with a look at how

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