Moments in Time

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These stories are in general an attempt to recapture and encapsulate aspects of a distant past that will soon have faded for ever Tiny scenes, events, memories, are brought back in the form of a reality that has, through the workings of time, become fictionalized. Who now knows what the reality actually was? Contents: Sporting Notes -- A Simple Question -- Martial Arts - The Art of the Short Story -- Hatches. Matches and Despatches - The Beginning of an End -- Lines of Communication -- A Morning in Northern Ireland - Irish Postman -- Achilles Heel -- A Deeply Objective Fairy Tale -- Secret Sharer - Safe Distance -- A Bit on the Side -- Temps Perdu-- Eternal Triangle.

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Autor: Jo Rippier
ISBN-13 :: 9780861404544
ISBN: 0861404548
Gewicht: 136g
Seiten: 95
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 200x132x9 mm
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