Porsche 917

Owners' Workshop Manual 1969 onwards (all models)
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Freelance journalist Ian Wagstaff won the Mercedes Benz Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy for his book,The British at Le Mans. He wrote for Autosport and Motoring News before becoming press and promotions manager at Silverstone in the late 1970s. His current work for Racecar Engineering, Race Engine Technology, Performance Racing Industry, The Paddock, The Red Bulletin and Auto Technology takes him to races throughout Europe and the USA, including the Indianapolis 500.
Fascinating insight into the design, evolution, operation, maintenance and restoration of the Porsche 917, 1969 onwards, (all models).

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Autor: Ian Wagstaff
ISBN-13 :: 9780857337658
ISBN: 0857337653
Erscheinungsjahr: 13.11.2015
Verlag: Haynes Publishing Group
Gewicht: 752g
Seiten: 160
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 277x207x15 mm
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