Pediatric Critical Care Study Guide

Text and Review
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Steven E. Lucking
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This invaluable resource covers major pediatric critical care principles and commonly encountered diseases. It provides readers with an insight into the normal physiology, abnormalities in the disease process and treatment strategies.
1.Fundamentals of Gas Exchange and the Assessment of Oxygenation and Ventilation.- 2.Oxygen Delivery and Oxygen Consumption in Pediatric Critical Care.- 3.Hemodynamics.- 4.Regional Circulations.- 5.Assessment of Cardiovascular Function6.Overview, Structure and Function of the Nephron.- 7.Physiology of skeletal muscle and the neuromuscular junction.- 8.Assessment of Neurologic Function.- 9.Endothelial Interactions and Coagulation.- 10.The Inflammatory Response.- 11.Genetic Predisposition to Critical Illness in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.- 12.Conventional Mechanical Ventilation.- 13.Non-Conventional Mechanical Ventilation.- 14.Mechanical and Electrical Myocardial Support.- 15.Renal Replacement Therapies and other Extracorporeal Therapies.- 16.Pharmacology.- 17.Cardiovascular Drug Therapy.- 18.Sedation and Analgesia.- 19.Neuromuscular Blockade.- 20.Use of Blood Products.- 21.Nutrition in Critical Illness.- 22.Upper Airway Obstruction.- 23.Severe Asthma.
This is the first comprehensive study guide covering all aspects of pediatric critical care medicine. It fills a void that exists in learning resources currently available to pediatric critical care practitioners. The major textbooks are excellent references, but do not allow concise reading on specific topics and are not intended to act as both text and study guide. There are also several handbooks available, but these are usually written for general pediatric residents and lack the advanced physiology and pathophysiology required for the higher level pediatric critical care practitioner

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