How to Stay Afloat in the Academic Library Job Pool

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There's never been a more challenging time to find a position as an academic librarian, especially for thosewho have recently completed their library education. But whether job-hunters are jumping into the job poolfor the very first time, or back in the water after a dry spell, Neely and her crack team of expert contributorshave the information needed to stay afloat. Their collective wisdom will act as a lifesaver, providing Practical and specific advice on how the job-search process works, including the how-tos of readingbetween the lines of a job listing and assembling a compelling application packet Keys to understanding the mysterious ways of search committees, and what criteria may be used todetermine successful candidates The nuts and bolts of undergoing a successful job interview, plus tips for negotiating when an offer is madeJob-hunters at every level of experience will find this volume the definitive resource for moving successfullyinto an academic career.

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Autor: Camila Alire
ISBN-13 :: 9780838910801
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