Educating Nurses for Leadership

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Part I: A Model for Educating Future Leaders; Preparing Nurse Leaders: A Leadership Education Model; Leader as Visionary; Leader as Expert; Leader as Achiever; Leader as Critical Thinker; Leader as Communicator; Leader as Mentor; Part II: Leadership Education in the Academic Setting; Using Nursing History to Educate for Leadership; Reflective Journaling: Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap; Integrating Leadership Content into the Undergraduate Curriculum; Using Group Process to Develop Caring Leaders; Using Parse's Theory to Educate for Leadership; Educating Future Leaders Using Problem-Based Learning; Using Online Clinical Scenarios to Build Leadership Skills; Teambuilding Through Quilting; Using Popular Films to Measure Student Understanding of Leadership; Teaching Leadership in Community-Based Settings Through Film; Leadership Education for the Common Good: A Pilot Program; Part III: Leadership Education in the Clinical Setting; Practice-Oriented Leadership Education; Using Shift Coordinators to Teach Leadership Skills Needed for NCLEX-RN; Teaching the Value of Evidence-Based Practice; Developing Evidence-Based Practice Skills Through Experiential Learning; Succession Planning as a Strategy to Prepare Future Leaders; Shadowing a Leader in Health Care; Practicing Delegation Skills; A Capstone Leadership Course via Distance Education; Developing a Change Project to Practice Leadership Skills; Developing Leaders in Developing Nations
Winner of an "AJN" Book of the Year Award!
Nurses are presented with the challenge of leading a variety of groups in our healthcare environment, ranging from patients and families to communities and organizations. While there appears to be little time for leadership development, leadership skills are in great demand. This first book of its kind fills the leadership development void not perviously addressed in nursing education.

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Autor: Harriet Feldman
ISBN-13 :: 9780826126641
ISBN: 0826126642
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2005
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Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Buch, 221x353x25 mm
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